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PR Movie


Provide trust and satisfaction with best technology and quality.

Aerospace PR movie
Accumulated high-precise machining capability, EMK manufactures Door actuator parts and Landing gear parts. Based on ability in manufacturing techniques and machining capability, EMK deliver to civil aircraft market for A380/A340, etc. Also, EMK delivers to civil military market such as T-50, TA50, F-4, F-5, KT-1, KUH. EM Korea achieved the total capability for design, machining, assembling, system installation and test of reservoir for aircraft
Power of positive thinking and people! EM-KOREA

EMKorea was established in 1987 and it has well-known as one of the best machine tools manufacturing company. It prepared to take off for next step by being listed in KOSDAQ in 2007.

After that, EM-Korea obtained AS9100 Rev C in 2012. In addition, it recently earned certificate of Defense Quality Management System in 2013.

Now, EM-Korea achieved recognition for diverse certificates and patents both national and internationally, it keep moving forward by providing the best quality & service to fulfill our responsibilities for customers and mankind society as a leading company.

EM-Korea has achieved successful results in 5 divisions. Machine tools, Defense and Aerospace, Power Generation, Environment and Energy, and Tunnel Boring Machine.

Especially, when it comes to Aerospace divisions for T-50, EM-Korea produces... Hydraulic Reservoir Door Actuator parts Ammunition box parts and Landing Gear parts

EM-Korea entered Aerospace industry by developing Door Actuator parts of T-50 from 2008. And then it manufactured landing gear parts of A340/A380. At last, EM-Korea has a capability of manufacturing completed Hydraulic Reservoir from design to test.

T-50 [Hydraulic reservoir]

EM-Korea manufactures Hydraulic reservoir of T-50 which is a supersonic advanced trainer’s core part. It achieved the total capability for design, machining, assembling, system installation and test of Hydraulic Reservoir. Also it completed shipment of 16 set of Hydraulic reservoir which is exported to Indonesia recently.

T-50 [Door actuator Parts]

Based on ultra-precision technology, EM-Korea manufactures and assembles 54 vital parts of Door Actuator for landing gears.

T-50 [Ammunition Box]

Ammunition box need to be manufactured extremely precise due to it supplies 3,000 bullets per minute.

A340/A380 [Landing Gear Parts]

Since EM-Korea completed its first shipment from 2008, it manufactures 28 parts of Landing gear parts for A340 and A380 such as Trailing Arm, Pivot Axle and Cam etc.

A340/A380 [Landing Gear Parts]

“EM-Korea has capability to design.

EM-Korea's the other competitiveness has begun from generous investment of R&D. it is our pride to have R&D team that challenges and creative to provide competitive "the only one" products.

The people who strive to be the best
The people who dream of being the world’s NO.1
A company that values these people – EM-Korea!
Now, beyond Korea and to the world.
Power of positive thinking and people! EM-KOREA
EM Korea Green home PR movie
It is a group of hybrid green houses, the power left after consumed for housekeeping, originally generated from solar or wind, will be compressed and stored as form of hydrogen through water electrolysis system. The stored hydrogen can be transformed to electric power through fuel cell system. when natural energy source is restricted, and the power will be supplied to house. In this way, the energy cycle will be endless.