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Research & Development

With the endless research and development, we will open a new era of environment/energy and mechanical industries.

With the endless research and development, we will open a new era of environment/energy and mechanical industries.
Research and development are the only door to open the future. EM Korea will be always in the core of energy and machine industries by developing future oriented new technologies and continuous fusion of technologies.
EM Korea’s R&D center has led the development of energy and precision machinery industries since its establishment in 2003. The company is striving to secure independent technologies and localize core parts by employing excellent researchers in the fields of TBM, hydrogen energy, defense industry, aviation industry, machine tools, and power generation equipment.

The company made an aggressive investment in the hydrogen energy field which is an unexplored one in Korea and successfully introduced hydrogen plant, hydrogen station, ship ballast water treatment device, etc. in the market. Based on the accumulated design and machining technologies in the machine tool and defense industries, the company had completely developed TBM independently and the first among small and medium businesses and practiced that R&D is the only way to be survival in the market. In addition, the company is seeking for development of new technology through the networking with the R&D companies for localization of high valued functional products for aircraft,

The company will keep trying its best to develop the “Only One” product rather than the “Best One” product based on future oriented technology competitiveness.
Design and
The design team composed of twenty five specialists improves the performance of products and satisfies the needs of customers through optimum design and application of analysis techniques. Design and analysis
Minimize failures and maximize economy through 3D simulation prior to production of development products. Simulation
Test and
Ensuring a perfect safety of product through product performance verification test under the environment similar to actual operation conditions prior to commercialization Test and evaluation

R&D Part


TBM is a high value-added convergence business and it has high correlation with nation’s infrastructure industries such as heavy industry, steel making, automobile, and IT. Under the sense of duty that this is the nation’s first development, our research center will lead the TBM industry.

  • CKE-1500_Telescopic Cylinder
    ㆍCKE-1500_Telescopic Cylinder
  • CKE-1500_Tunneling Machine
    ㆍCKE-1500_Tunneling Machine
  • Slurry Treatment Plant
    ㆍSlurry Treatment Plant

Our dream is to make an energy independent world using natural energies such as solar power, wind power, etc. in the position of developing and supplying a commercialization technology of electrolysis type hydrogen station.

  • Electrolyzer
  • Green Highway Village
    ㆍGreen Highway Village
Aerospace /

We are developing a series of technologies from design to testing and evaluation for hydraulic devices, nitrogen generators and lock and load systems for the aviation industry and defense industry.

  • Uplock box and Hydraulic manifold for Landing gear
    ㆍUplock box and Hydraulic manifold for Landing gear
  • Nitrogen generator for aircraft and ship
    ㆍNitrogen generator for aircraft and ship