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Environmental Management

EM Korea seeks coexistence of people and nature with green business

EM Korea seeks coexistence of people and nature with green business

EM Korea
produces and sells various kinds of products in the fields of TBM, energy/environment, defense/aviation, machine tool, and power generation for the coexistence of human and nature and the realization of green management. The company acquired a certification of ISO14001 to establish an environment management system which infuses the environmental awareness into the staff members by securing the suitability and transparence of environment management in all work sites in order to minimize environmental effects and risk which may produce from the management activity and product.

Environmental Management diagram

We promise that we will make a sustainable society through continuous improvement of environmental performance by pushing company-wide environmental management which minimizes the environmental load
and carbon generation.


  • ISO 14001:2004
  • EM Korea acquired ISO 14001 environmental management system from Korea Quality Assurance (KQA). This is a system to reduce the environmental impacts in a systematic way which are produced from the organization. It is composed of a series of processes, process for fixing environmental policy and target, process for achieving the goals, and process for monitoring and reviewing.

Environmental products

  • Green home / Green village
    Green home / Green village
    using domestic hydrogen as a green energy
    Hybrid system
    Hydrogen-complex plant technology of green energy

  • Ballast water treatment system
    Ballast water treatment system
    manufacture HiBallast for preserving sea environment

  • Organic waste treatment device
    Organic waste treatment device
    Remnants are reusable as a feedstuff, compost or fillet, depend on its ingredients.

  • TBM
    TBM business
    Introducing localized Korean-type TBM for the first time in domestic market
    It secured economical construction and safety at tunnel constructing site
  • Hydrogen station
    Hydrogen station
    Developed commercialization technology and supply based on electrolyze type of hydrogen station
  • Water treatment device
    Water treatment device
    as an electrochemical blending disinfectant generator for superior water purification and bactericidal effect, there is no smell of chlorine and pool pipe corrosion as a water management products.