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Ethical Management

EM Korea exercises the social responsibilities and thinks business ethics is the first priority.

Ethical Management
EM Korea exercises the “corporate social responsibilities” and thinks corporate ethics is the first priority in the corporate management and activities, and seeks for transparent, fair, and reasonable management. Based on the sound corporate ethics and clean organizational culture, we can receive the respect and trust from the international communities and become the world best company. Under this belief, we will prepare a “Code of Ethics for EM Korea” to make our standards for value and judgment.
Code of Ethics
for EM Korea
First – Settlement of transparent management
  • We will settle a reliable and honest corporate culture by treating all works according to transparent standard and maintaining a fair transaction with all our business partners in order to ensure a mutual benefit under the sound, transparent, and fair conditions.
  • We respect an ethical behavior for the settlement of transparent management and perform the duties of employees sincerely and responsibly, make a desirable character of EM Korer who leads public orders and public interests as our symbol.
Second – Contribution to nation and community
  • We contribute to the national development of economy through continuous creation of jobs and tax payment.
  • We sincerely comply with the regulations related to environment, and lead the environmental protection, and contribute to the community through the culture and welfare business.
Third – Enhancement of customer’s rights and interests
  • We enhance the rights and interests of the customers with the best products and services, protect the information of customers, and keep promise with the customers.
  • We preserve and increase our assets by improving financial structure through maximization of management efficiency.
Fourth – Creation of sound organization culture
  • We try to increase the rights and interests of customers by providing customers with the best products and services and protect the customer’s information and keep our promises with customers.
  • We do our best to do what is assigned to us with honesty and sincerity and respect the others and create a sound organization culture based on good human relation and labor management corporation.
Fair trade
  • We select sincere and excellent contractors through a fair and sound screening procedure when selecting the contractors
  • We conduct a periodic evaluation of the contractors to improve the quality of their products. And we perform purchasing in a reasonable and fair way based on the objective evaluation data.