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Hydrogen Plant


Hydrogen is not for the future, but for the present.

On-site supply of hydrogen to metal refining industry.
Enhancing the cost saving capability by using high purity oxygen as well


It is a facility to generate hydrogen and oxygen from the water and fill the gases in the compressed container. The compressed gas containers will be distributed, supplied, and used in the market. The highly purified hydrogen can be used for cooling semi-conductors and turbines, and oxygen used for food science such as synthesis of protein.

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications
MODEL EHP™-20 EHP™-50 EHP™-100 EHP™-300
Hydrogen capacity (N㎥/h)* 20 50 100 300
Oxygen capacity (N㎥/h) 10 25 50 150
Electrolyzer(Set) 10N㎥/h x 2 10N㎥/h x 5 10N㎥/h x 10 15N㎥/h x 20
Supply pressure (MPa) ** 0.1 ~ 0.8
Components of Hydrogen plant
  • · Hydrogen/Oxygen generator : 20, 50, 100, 300 N㎥/h, large
  • · Hydrogen/Oxygen compressor : more than 25MPa
  • · Hydrogen/Oxygen storing device : Tube Trailer
  • · Purity(Impurities except hydragen) : less than 50 ppm
  • · Hydrogen/Oxygen supply pressure : 0.1 ~ 0.8 MPa
Advantage of On-site method
  • · Easy to use and reduced logistic cost
  • · No need of large storage tank
  • · Stable operating process by supplying hydrogen smoothly
  • · Contribute to quality stabilization with high purity hydrogen generation

Generating process in Hydrogen plant

Purpose of Hydrogen generating device

  • Chemical & food process
    Chemical & food process
    • Combine hydrogen in a process which changes the physicochemical features of food, alcohol, etc.
    • Food industry/ Chemical industry
  • Heat treatment/Brazing
    Heat treatment/Brazing
    • Used as reduction atmosphere gas (mixing with nitrogen)
    • Used to remove oxygen and make reduction atmosphere to bond metals and medium
    • Steel/SUS/assembly of metals
  • Powdered metallurgy
    Powdered metallurgy
    • Used with nitrogen to make reduction atmosphere without carbon in order to heat the powdered metallurgy parts
    • Powdered metallurgy /Automobile
  • Manufacturing of fireproof ractory metals
    Manufacturing of fireproof ractory metals
    • Used to manufacture pure tungsten or molybdenum through the reaction with metal oxides
    • Manufacturing tungsten/molybdenum
  • High Temperature Melting
    High Temperature Melting
    • Hydrogen burning reaction with hot flame when manufacturing optical fibers and quartz
    • Electronic industry/ Telecommunication industry
  • Fuel
    • Burned with oxygen for space propulsion
    • Aerospace/Defense industry
    • Hydrogen fuel cell car
  • Cooling of generator
    Cooling of generator
    • Used to remove frictional heat and electric heat
    • Electrical facilities
  • Semi-conductor
    • Used to reduce one crystal layer on top of the substrate in manufacturing process of integrated circuit
    • Semiconductor industry/ Electronic industry
  • Poly-silicon crystallization
    Poly-silicon crystallization
    • Used as carrier gas in a process where poly-silicon is educed on top of the substrate
    • Poly-silicon manufacturer

Example of Hydrogen plant operation

Hydrogen generator
  • [ Hydrogen generator – 10Nm3 ]

  • ㆍEM Korea is a leading company of manufacturing hydrogen generator in domestic market
        through its R&D for many years.
    ㆍIt secured electrolysis system operating technology by using solar generating electricity.
    ㆍIt obtained patent of electrolytic stack structure and design which is core technology of
        hydrogen generator.

    Alkali type hydrogen generator (purity module embedded)
    It is possible to supply safe and stable hydrogen gases with an eco-friendly system which does not discharge any green-house gases, and realize the cost saving with low manufacturing cost of hydrogen. There is no danger of storing high pressurized gases, and the safety & stability of gases are ensured through certified durability test. With the introduction of automatic control system for all manufacturing processes of hydrogen, the user convenience is enhanced.
Controller (system) / Purifier / Gas Separator (H2) / Gas separator (O2) / Controller (compression) / Stack / Demister

Technical specifications

Technical specifications
Capacity(N㎥/h) Capacity* 3 5 10
Design Pressure(MPa) Design Pressure 0.99 MPa
Hydrogen Purity(%) Hydrogen Purity 99.5% (Option : able to manufacture more than 99.999%)
Power supply frequency 60HZ / 3Ø (Option : 50HZ order made)
Power consumption(kWh) 21 35 70
Voltage Select among 220V / 380V / 440V
Supply volume(ℓ/h) 3 5 10
Quality of service water(㎲/cm) 0~10
Size(W×B×H) 1,380×1,200×1,850 1,380×1,200×1,850 1,450×1,350×1,960
Weight(kg) 1,200 1,500 2,400

Mechanism of Hydrogen Generator

  • (+)극 : 20H- → H2O + 1/2O2 + 2e- , (- )극 : 2H2O + 2e- → H2 + 2OH
  • The alkali type hydrogen generator uses an electrolyte of potassium
    hydroxide and the separation film is installed between positive and
    negative poles to prevent them from being mixed.
    Water is electrolyzed to produce hydrogen ion (H+) and
    hydroxyl ion (OH-), and the hydrogen ion reacts with
    the electrons to generate hydrogen gases at negative pole.
    The hydroxyl ion (OH-) passes through the ion exchange film
    to the positive pole to generate the oxygen gases.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications
Capacity(N㎥/h) 20 40 60 80
Design Pressure(MPa) 0.99 MPa
Hydrogen Purity(%) 99.5% (Option : able to manufacture more than 99.999%)
Frequency 60HZ / 3Ø (Option 50HZ order made)
Power consumption(kWh) 140 280 420 480
Voltage Select among 220V / 380V / 440V
Supply volume(ℓ/h) 20 40 60 80
Quality of service water(㎲/cm) 0~10
Size(W×B×H) 3,000×9,000×2,600 3,000×12,000×2,600 3,000×12,000×2,600
Weight(kg) 9,000 12,000 15,000 16,000