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TBM(Tunnel Boring Machine)


The best quality TBM with a competitive price

Introducing localized Korean-type TBM
for the first time

Purchased patent and licenses from Japan’s Taiko techs
Signed a contract with JTSC regarding the co-production of TBMs


EM Korea established the nation’s first TBM production system by purchasing patents and licenses from Japan’s Taiko Techs, internationally recognized specialists in the field of semi-shield manufacturing. EM Korea is currently manufacturing small-medium sized TBMs, measuring less than 3 meters in length
EM Korea signed a contract with JTSC (Japan Tunnel Systems Corporation) authorizing the co-production and sales of large-scale TBMs of up to 15m. This partnership has led to both a stronger economic position and the increased safety of the construction site

The TBM sector of EM Korea is dedicated to strengthening the competitiveness of the Korean construction industry by not only supplying price competitive TBMs, but also prompt customer service, leading to an increased rate of operation(leading to reduced lead time). EM Korea can also provide the most appropriate equipment, an ideal TBM for Korea soil, by incorporating innovative technology and techniques from the drawing board to manufacturing. EM Korea aims to become one of the world’s leading TBM manufacturers by improving construction technology and quality for a better world

홍보영상 보기 JTSC 홈페이지

  • Trial performance of initial TBM

    14.3.27 Trial performance of initial TBM

  • Trial performance of initial TBM

    14.3.27 Trial performance of initial TBM

  • Trial performance of initial TBM

    14.3.27 Trial performance of initial TBM

  • 출하식

    14.4.23 First shipment celebration


Purchased patent and licenses from Taiko Techs

Completed contract acquire rights of patent, production and business from world-class semi-shield producer Taiko Techs Japan

Taiko Techs사 TBM기술 이전 계약체결, 현대TBM계약체결

May 2013, signed a contract with world-class TBM producer JTSC about co-production of its TBM
and bought technology from Taiko Techs

EM Korea has grown up as a specialized manufacturer of machine tools, defense and energy through the realization of integrated technology. In order to localize TBM, EM Korea established the country's first TBM production system, through buying from well-known semi-shield producer Taiko Techs the rights to manufacturing and selling its TBM. Also EM Korea signed a contract with JTSC about co-production and supply of its TBM from small-scaled to super-large scaled

A New Global Trend

Across the globe excavating companies are making the switch from NATM to the application of TBMs due to environmental, economic, increased stability reasons. World TBM market has been developing dramatically around 20% annually and the size of market is forecasted presently $20 billion to more than $50 billion by 2020

Applicable various kinds of construction site

EM Korea’s TBM provides the satisfaction by supplying small to super large scaled TBM which is applicable various cases of construction such as communication pipe, gas pipe, wire-way, water and sewer pipe, freeway, underground, high-speed railroad and deep underground tunnel, etc

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